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the demon is doubt.

at times, the dark's fading slowly
23 January 1990
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Hello, population of LiveJournal. My name is Johan.
I never know what to say on these things.
Basically, I'm 23, a college graduate (Modern Language and Culture: Spanish, with a concentration in business) who cashiers at a grocery store and moonlights as a fake writer.
I guess it's also relevant to say that I'm a transguy. If you're not into that, I'd suggest that you not read my journal, because there's gonna be a lot of documentation of my journey going on in here.
I've had a few of these before, but basically I came back because I learned to really hate tumblr for many reasons, but I still wanted a place to document my life (and Facebook notes just weren't an option). Bear with me while I get readjusted, yeah?